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  • Product Model:HJ-Y-003
  • Product Name:Medical equipment plastic parts 3
  • Product Category:Medical Instrument
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Product Description

Strict testing standards:
The general principles of the injection parts design, should be fully considered below item:

(1) plastic parts molding process: the process requirements of the products of different molding methods vary; such as: injection molding, extrusion molding, blow molding, die-casting molding;

(2) performance of plastic: plastic products, dimensions, tolerances, structural shapes and physical properties of the plastic, mechanical properties and process performance should adapt, such as wall thickness, holes, fillets, ribs, threaded inserts, surface roughness of the design;

(3) the shape of the plastic parts in the premise of the requirements, should be conducive to mold filling, exhaust, feeding, and at the same time be able to adapt to efficient cooling sclerosis;

(4) the mold structure and processing: the shape of the plastic products should be conducive to simplify mold structure, especially conducive to simplify core pulling and stripping mechanism, also consider mold parts, molded parts, the process of.

    The mechanical plastic products of our company are used to reach medical grade eco-friendly materials, safe and reliable.