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  • Product Model:HJ-T-003
  • Product Name:4 cavity plastic box hot runner mould
  • Product Category:Moulds
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Product Description

JYH Hot runner system Advantage:
1. Short assemble process time, improve efficiency.
2. Waste materials recycling, classification, crushing, drying and storage work, can reduce the pulverizer workiing, saving labor cost, lowing energy consumption, saving production plant.
3. Avoid using Recycled materials reduce the impact of the quality of parts
4. Ensure the consistency of the injection molded parts, to improve plastic parts precision;
5. Increase the injection volume of parts, to improve plastic melt compressibility;
6. Strengthen the function of injection to improve the injection molding process;
7 to reduce the required time of injection and holding pressure;
8 to reduce the required clamping force;
9, shorten the the injection operation cycle of the mold opening stroke, eliminating the time spent to remove the nozzle material;
10. Shorten the injection cycle, to strengthen automation to improve production efficiency.

Hot runner system key performance elements embodied:
Precise control of the melt plastic temperature, removing the material degradation;
2 balanced flow channel design, parts cavity uniformly filled;
3 suitable hot nozzle size specifications to ensure the smooth flow of the melt and the cavity is fully filled;
4. The correct gate structure and size to ensure full cavity filled, needle valve gate promptly shut down. Reducing the cast, shorten the molding cycle;
Runners no blind spot area to ensure rapid color change to prevent material degradation;
6 so that the pressure losses to a minimum;
7. Dwell time.