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  • Product Model:HJ-T-001
  • Product Name:5 gallon bucket
  • Product Category:Moulds
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Product Description

Mold making process:

   Approval --- preparation --- Processing --- mold frame processing --- core processing --- electrodes Processing --- mold parts processing --- Inspection --- Assembly - fly mode --- tryout - - Production

Mold steel:

   Imported or domestically produced high-quality steel such as 718H, H13, NAK80, 2316, P20, 2344, S136H, etc., through reasonable means of heat treatment, to reach a higher hardness of steel, to ensure the life of the die.

Mold parts and hot runner:

    Accessories and hot runner imported or domestically produced high-quality brands such as Willow Road.

Mold design software:

     CAD, UG, Pro-E,, Solidworks, Moldflow.